Renewable energy resource modelling

The solar and wind energy resource is non-storable, location-specific and highly variable on hourly, daily and annual time scales. Whether you are interested in site prospecting, pool revenue forecasting or power system reliability modelling, it is essential to understand the site-specific wind or solar resource.

ROAM can provide location-specific simulated solar and wind resource and generation on the hourly level for up to the ten most recent years. This hourly data can be provided for a large region on a 11-km grid, or tailored to the specific characteristics of your site, such as plant type and elevation. ROAM's tools for renewable energy resource modelling of solar and wind energy are as follows. ROAM used these tools to provide hourly wind and solar input data for AEMO's 100% Renewables Study.

ROAM's Solar Energy Simulation Tool (SEST)

SEST uses historical hourly solar insolation data assimilated by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, in conjunction with the System Advisory Model (SAM) to produce simulated site-specific hourly generation for various different solar technologies.

ROAM's Wind Energy Simulation Tool (WEST)

WEST is trained on existing wind farm generation measurements and uses weather forecast data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to estimate the capacity factor and model the hourly generation for any existing, proposed or hypothetical wind farm site. Figure A shows a sample of the output of WEST - a wind atlas of capacity factor estimates for part of south-western New South Wales. For more information, download the WEST brochure or contact us.

Figure A: Sample of a WEST capacity factor estimate map, for south-western New South Wales

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