Regulatory Research

ROAM has an established reputation for the provision of expert services to market regulators. Some recent projects are described below.

Reserve Level calculations

ROAM completed the modelling requirements for the 2004 generator Minimum Reserve Levels assessments. ROAM has recently completed a study aimed at updating the Minimum Reserve Levels that apply in each region of the NEM. In consultation with NEMMCO ROAM's Reserve Level Recalculation 2006 will be provided as a submission to the current AEMC review of the NEM Reliability Standard. You can learn more about the current review on the
AEMC website

Supply-demand calculator

The tool released each year with the NEMMCO Statement of Opportunities was developed originally by ROAM's analysts.

FOD Data Treatment

In 2005 ROAM completed a study on behalf of NEMMCO's Forced Outage Data Working Group aimed at quantifying the impact of treatments of forced outage data on system availability predictions from random outage prediction models.


ROAM has completed the modelling requirements for preliminary and complete Regulatory Test applications for the Powerlink transmission network service provider.


We have also liased with Powerlink and proponents of potential load developments to develop TUOS discount applications for submission to the appropriate regulatory bodies.


In 2005 ROAM completed studies for ElectraNet for a Regulatory Test application regarding the proposed small network augmentation of the Tailem Bend-to-Keith and Keith-to-Snuggery sections of the South Australian transmission network.


The development of significant wind generation facilities facilitated the opportunity to install real-time rating systems on the two line sections, resulting in increased transfer capacity along the line sections and the Heywood interconnector during times of wind operation.


The completed studies verified the existence of a tangible benefit which would qualify the proposed small network augmentation under the revised AER Regulatory Test.