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ROAM is well equipped with a wide range of in-house products to provide expert services to our customers.
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Long-term forecasting - months to decades ahead

ROAM Insight

ROAM's annual market forecast report of the National Electricity Market for the next 6 years.

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Long-term Pool Price Forecasting

Advanced forecasts of pool prices modelled and analysed on the half-hour level.

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Production and Revenue Forecasting

Advanced forecasts of generator energy production and revenues, modelled and analysed on the half-hour level under variable bidding patterns.

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Loss Factor Forecasting

Planning a new generation project or the expansion of an existing one? Find out what Marginal Loss Factor (MLF) will likely be assigned to you under the market rules with our industry-leading MLF forecasting service.

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Renewable resource modelling

Location-specific wind and solar resource and generation modelling on the hourly level for up to the ten most recent years.

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Transmission Planning

ROAM can provide precise and informative services to any participant interested in transmission development.

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Generation Planning

ROAM can provide several expert generation planning services to participants, the most comprehensive being our advanced Integrated Resource Planning model paradigm.

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Short-term forecasting - up to a week ahead

Wind power forecasting

ROAM's wind power forecasting system, Wind Insight™, provides point forecasts of wind power generation, as well as alerts and forecast animations for potential large rapid changes in wind power generation.

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Pool price forecasting

ROAM's short-term price forecasting system, Price Insight, provides forecasts of national electricity market trading interval pool prices up to a week ahead. Price Insight can also provide generator production forecasts and other aspects of the electricity market. Scenarios can be tailored to the user's needs.

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Other services

Regulatory Research

There are some questions posed by Regulators that can only be answered quantitatively by an independent expert. ROAM's experienced personnel and advanced software engines provide the perfect bedrock for an independent assessment of the impact of legislation, market rules, or modelling algorithms on the real energy market.

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Independent Expertise

Because ROAM is not affiliated with any participant or regulatory body, we are an excellent choice for anyone seeking independent advice on any aspect of the energy market.

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