Public Reports

Reports published during 2014

Australian Energy Market Commission

System Restart Ancillary Services Review (07/05/2014)

Reliability Standard and Settings Review 2014 (13/03/2014)

Clean Energy Council

ROAM report on RET (30/04/2014)

Reports published during 2012-2013

Australian Energy Market Commission

Modelling Transmission Frameworks Review (28/02/2013)

Australian Solar Institute

Solar Generation Australian Market Modelling (06/06/2012)

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

ROAM report on Wind and Solar modelling for AEMO 100% Renewables project (11/09/2012)

ROAM report on Pumped Storage modelling for AEMO 100% Renewables project (24/09/2012)


Generation Scenarios for Revenue Proposal (30/01/2012)


IPART retail price review submission (2/01/2013)

Origin Energy

South Australian Standing Contract submission (5/11/2012)

World Wildlife Fund

Modelling of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (with AECOM) (5/11/2012)

Reports published during 2011

Australian Energy Market Commission

Security of Supply and Transmission Impacts of the Enhanced Renewable Energy Target (13/09/2011)

Australian Government Treasury

Projections of Electricity Generation in Australia to 2050 (03/08/2011)

Additional Projections of Electricity Generation in Australia to 2050 (21/09/2011)


Assessing the capacity of commercially profitable wind generation in South Australia (15/09/2011)


Carbon reduction scenarios in AER Draft Decision on Powerlink Transmission determination (28/12/2011)

Western Power

Generation Scenarios for 2011 Revenue Reset Application (17/02/2011)

Reports published during 2009-2010


Final Report for Operational MRLs (28/06/2010)

Scenario Modelling for the Energy White Paper: Phase 1 (10/06/2010)

Scenario Modelling for the Energy White Paper: Methodology Report (08/04/2010)

Australian Energy Market Commission

Levels of the MPC that are consistent with the value of customer reliability (09/04/2010)

Review of the Reliability Standard and Settings (15/01/2010)

Network Augmentation and Congestion Modelling (29/06/2009)

CSR Sugar

Expert opinion on NQBE application for Declaration of the service provided by CSR's Narrow Gauge Tram Network (12/04/2010)

Independent Market Operator WA

Assessment of FCS and Technical Rules (03/11/2010)

Scenarios for modelling renewable generation in the SWIS (03/03/2010)

Impacts of Government Policy on Intermittent Generation Penetration (25/01/2010)


North West Queensland Energy Delivery Options (10/02/2009)

Renewables SA

Solar Power Stations MLFs (14/09/2010)


Policy options for increasing the uptake of renewable generation in Queensland (with Synergies) (30/06/2010)

Synergies Economic Consulting

Independent Expert Report for Directions in Queensland and Victoria (18/08/2009)

Townsville Enterprise

Energy development opportunities in North Queensland (03/04/2009)

Western Power

Results of analysis of future curtailment of wind generation: Original DMO (17/12/2009)

Results of analysis of future curtailment of wind generation: Cost-reflective DMO (23/11/2009)

Public Reports Archive

Reports published prior to 2009


Australian Energy Market Commission

Market impacts of CPRS and RET (17/12/2008)

Tasmania Frequency Reserve Back-cast Simulation (25/07/2008)

Contribution to Standing Reserve for Reliability Purposes in the NEM (04/07/2008)

Department of Climate Change

Submission to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper (10/09/2008)

Modelling of carbon pricing scenarios (10/09/2008)


2007 South Australian Generation and Load Scenario Analysis (28/05/2007)


Transmission Security Assessment for Millmerran Power Station (12/12/2007)

National Generators Forum

Assessment of Positive Flow Clamping (30/11/2007)

Critique of NEM Reliability Assessment Processes (06/05/2004)


Short term reliability assessment (13/10/2008)

Translation of Minimum Reserve Levels Following Abolition of the Snowy Region (17/10/2007)

Minimum Reserve Level Recalculation 2006, Assumptions Report (08/09/2006)

Minimum Reserve Level Recalculation 2006 (08/09/2006)

Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator

Co-firing of Biomass with Coal (15/08/2000)

Owen Inquiry

Response to the Owen Inquiry (29/06/2007)


Scenario Analysis Revisions for PNG Pipeline Developments (22/02/2006)

Identification of Generation Development Scenarios (05/09/2005)

Queensland Generators Group

Investigation of Positive Flow Clamping (06/12/2007)

Southern Generators Coalition

Analysis of the AEMC Draft Rule Determination to Abolish Snowy Region (03/04/2007)

Townsville Enterprise

Response to the AER Draft Decision on Powerlink's Proposed Strathmore to Ross Transmission Line Augmentation (09/02/2007)


Transend Scenarios for Revenue Reset Application 2009-10 to 2013-14 (08/05/2008)

Probabilistic Assessment of Generation Developments for New South Wales (16/11/2004)

Transpower NZ

Transmission to Enable Renewables Evaluation (01/05/2008)

North Auckland and Northland Investment Proposal Pre-Augmentation EUE Assessment (21/09/2007)

Pre-Augmentation EUE Assessment (05/10/2006)

Nodal Reliability Study of North Island (23/06/2006)

Assessment of Reliability of Supply into Auckland (13/02/2006)