Our Organisation

ROAM provides expert consulting services to a wide range of clients involved in energy markets across Australia and the rest of the world.


ROAM is passionate about providing:

  • Precision, detail and thoroughness in energy market modelling
  • Innovation and research in energy market modelling techniques and practices
  • Excellence in consulting services
  • Development of quality high-end hardware and software support systems

Skills and Qualifications

The combined qualifications of our team extend across the fields of Electrical Engineering, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Commerce, and Information Technology.


Our group's extensive qualifications are applied to identifying, collecting and assimilating the very large volumes of information from a wide range of sources required to enable application of our proprietary detailed modelling systems and processes.



At ROAM we have applied our skills for a wide range of clients in :

  • Generation and transmission planning
  • System operations design and implementation, and
  • Completion of pre and full feasibility assessment of major generation and transmission projects.

Organisation Chart

ROAM Consulting’s organisation chart is shown below.